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Here you will find helpful resources to start off, or continue training with your dog.

Don't Shoot the Dog

There's a reason this book by Karen Pryor is a bestseller. It explains training in an easily understandable way, even comparing it to training humans!


Training Clicker

The almighty training clicker! This can be your best friend. It can become a language between you and your dog; letting them know they did what you asked of them correctly.


Training the Best Dog Ever

This is the book I used when I first adopted Levi. What I loved about it is that it gives you a week by week checklist as to what you should be training. It also gives great desensitizing games to play with your new pup.



Is your dog not food motivated? That doesn't make training impossible! Their favorite special toy, bone, or even your attention can be just as rewarding.

Dog Portrait
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