You do not need the most expensive toys on the market! Sometimes the most entertaining ones for your dog are the things you already have laying around.

Toilet Tube Feeder

Tennis Ball Treat Ball

Cucumber on Twine

Water Bottle Puzzle

Snuffle Mat

Brain Game

Food Puzzle

Bottle Toy

Sock Toy

T-Shirt and Ball Toy

Muffin Tin Game

Fabric Strip Bottle

Lick Mat

No more free lunch

Make your dog work for their food! Try a snuffle mat, a treat ball, or any food puzzle for at least one meal a day. Even a slow feeder bowl is something different!

There is more than food enrichment

It's super easy to fall back on food enrichment. You know it'll go over well, but there's so much more you can do! Turn on a different radio station, spray a new (animal friendly) scent on one of their blankets, or work on that new behavior you've been wanting to train.

Don't ask for the impossible

Do you ever get frustrated at a seemingly easy task!? Dogs feel the same way. And if a task is too difficult, it may discourage them from even trying the next time. Work your dog up to those difficult challenges.

Know your dog

Will your dog eat that plastic bottle? Maybe do something with a cardboard box instead. You know your dog the best. Do what's best for them!

Have fun

This is all about you and your dog. It should always be fun! Don't make things complicated, because less is always more.