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Taekwondo: Winning Ways (Mastering Martial Arts) Ebook Rar denlovi




Ebook by Grandmaster V.H. Chun, published by Potentia Publishing Inc. This book includes information about Taekwondo, its history, philosophy, methods, drills, techniques and exercises, taekwondo tournaments, competition rules, tips for success, training for novice, intermediate, and advanced level players and coaches, and much more. Taekwondo: Winning Ways - Mastering Martial Arts by Grandmaster V.H. Chun Topics covered include the following: Taekwondo History (1.87mb) Taekwondo Philosophy (1.27mb) Taekwondo Methods and Principles (1.21mb) Taekwondo Drills and Techniques (2.35mb) Taekwondo Theories (1.32mb) Taekwondo Taekwondo Tournament (1.13mb) Taekwondo Competition Rules (1.29mb) Taekwondo Training (4.53mb) Taekwondo Coach Techniques (3.14mb) Taekwondo Training (7.05mb) V.H. Chun's introduction (0.59mb) Taekwondo training guidelines (1.08mb) Book review (0.74mb) One of the things that I think everyone in Taekwondo wants is to master their art. Yet, it is not as easy as it sounds. We all know that Taekwondo has it's own body of knowledge and techniques but not everyone has the same ability to memorize the technique or the same memorization skill. Taekwondo to me is a great art, but it is not just a matter of perfecting a technique. It is more than that. It is about having a life long mental and physical process that is going to be part of you and your lifestyle. It is going to be a part of you from the time you first step into the dojo until the time you retire from the sport. This process is also going to be a part of your family life and your social life and your relationships and your every day living. Taekwondo has a great heritage and is a great sport that can also enhance your everyday life. However, the way it can be mastered and even the degree to which you master it can be limited if you



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Taekwondo: Winning Ways (Mastering Martial Arts) Ebook Rar denlovi

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