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The Story of Levi

Ever since I knew I wanted a dog of my own (a very long time), I knew wanted to adopt. To be clear, I am not against pure-bred dogs that are obtained from a reputable breeder. But my preference was adopting for myself.

After many pleas with my boyfriend, Tim, we decided to start at looking. To those who have adopted before, you know how competitive it can be to adopt a puppy from pictures online. I literally had about 20 tabs open on my computer that I would constantly refresh to see if new dogs were being listed in my area.

Although I wanted to adopt, I still had specifics in mind that I wanted in a dog. I wanted a medium to large breed dog, possibly a working breed, because I knew I would be bringing the dog to work with me, and the ability to meet the dog before adopting. The last requirement seemed hard to come by, but I stuck to it.

One morning, I refreshed my tabs per usual, and a new litter of puppies came up, mixed breed, and they all looked completely different. Some were all black, some were all tan, and 2 were white and had black spots, which is when I came across a pup named Homer. This was it!! He was perfect. I sent in my application right away, and received a call later that night that we were accepted and we could meet him.

I was extremely nervous, but tried to assure myself that if it wasn't the right fit, we didn't have to adopt. My boyfriend and I drove the hour away to the rescue that had him. And surprise, surprise, we instantly fell in love. He fell asleep in Tim's jacket, and overall seemed to have a calm demeanor (little did we know then!). Homer would become our Levi!

The night we met Levi (fka Homer)

We learned what they knew about him and his litter. They were originally from Texas, and were found on the side of the road at 2 days old. They were born on Christmas Day, but because they were found with no mother, they had to be bottle raised. We have no indication of what breed they are, but I certainly have my guesses.

Because of my background with training, I started with Levi from Day 1. He gets cues and behaviors easily, and is eager to please, which makes him super easy to train. He also has his own job, at my work, where he chases the Canada geese off of our property. Overall, he is an amazing dog, and I am so happy he is in my life!

On the job

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