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Meet the Maker

Hi everyone, my name is Chelsea and I am the founder and creator of Willow Bee Goods! I started Willow Bee Goods in January of 2020, focusing on plant earrings made from polymer clay. After I adopted my Heinz 57 puppy, Levi, at the end of February, I started to change gears because I wanted him to look cute, and I wanted to match! I dusted off my grandmother's hand-me-down sewing machine (that I still use today) and sewed Levi's first bandana. I fell in love with making them!

Puppy's First Bandana

I made a ton of prototypes, trying to find the right one. I like to think I have found it! I like the tie-on version of bandanas because it can grow with your puppy, especially one like Levi, where I don't know how big he is going to get because I don't know what breeds he is!

I decided to stick with dogs for my business because my entire adult life has been spent looking after and working with animals. During college, I interned and worked seasonally as a zookeeper, until I graduated and became a full-time zookeeper. I now work on an educational farm. Animals have always truly been a passion of mine and I hope to share the knowledge I have gained from my profession with you!

At one of my seasonal positions

My favorite part about my jobs have always been enrichment and training. This is also something I try to bring into Levi's life every single day, and hope to share with you all to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

Make sure you not only check out my blog posts, but also my Instagram for more inspiration!

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