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About Us

Made in Milford, CT

It all started with a dream... 

After wanting a puppy of my own since 2014, my dreams came true when I adopted my rescue mutt, Levi, in February of 2020.  It was always a personal goal of mine to train him all on my own since I have 7+ years of experience training animals in the zookeeping and animal care world. 

Like every other dog mom and parent out there, Levi and I became bonded and go everywhere together, but I wanted more! I wanted to match my new furry BFF. I found some extra fabric laying around the house, dusted off my grandmother's hand-me-down sewing machine, and made my first bandana for him, and scrunchie for me. The rest is history!

My goal for Willow Bee Goods? 

To help you create the best possible relationship with your dog, while looking your best. Training and enrichment should be a huge part of your and your dog's life. I'd love to help! If you want to see anything in particular, please feel free to reach out.

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